With over 200,000 units sold in 2019 and 1 million + since our startup in 2010 its pretty fair to say we can handle a few orders, stand the test of time and retain repeat business to our valued customers.

Predominantly we are an Amazon, eBay & Etsy business with well over 500,000 positive feedbacks. We hold RANK ONE positions on both sites with far superior reviews than our nearest competitors. For 2020/21 we have decided to up our website game and bring non auction style site customers the same great value products.

Why Us?

  • We only use the best materials money can buy including GENUINE perspex and Stainless steel fittings!
  • Free Royal Mail First Class delivery on all UK orders.
  • 30 Day NO QUIBBLE returns.
  • 15 Year weatherproof products.
  • 500,000+ online positive reviews.

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Customer experience alongside product quality is our number ONE priority!

We operate a 6 day UK customer service & sales centre that operate by phone as well as online.


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Premium House signs and Door Signs

  • It’s Smart Signs at Smart Pricing all the way!

    We at K Smart Sign offer you a variety of signs, the most popular ones are -

    • House Signs
    • Business, Education, and Hotel Signs
    • Bin Number Stickers / Decals
    • Sign Components

    Here is a brief introduction to our top offerings so that you will get an idea of what exactly you want.

  • House Signs

    House signs or building signs both are the same thing. House signs are the signs that indicate your house number in a street or area. If you are residing in a building or Apartment then house signs indicate your door number. By using these house signs it is clear which family is residing in that particular house or the building is occupied by which company. So, a house sign or a building sign represents you then it must be attractive enough. To make it attractive we are here for you.

  • Business, Education or Hotel Signs

    Each of us has visited hotels, businesses, and education centers. But how many of you have noted the signs there. If we talk about hotels, signs or number plates for each room, signs for special rooms such as reception area, kitchen, luggage storeroom, guest room, lobby area, washroom, etc. All these signs are common in education as well as a business. So, if you are looking for any Business, Education or Hotel signs then you have visited the right place. K smart sign has the best deals.

  • Bin Numbers

    Bin Numbers or wheelie bin numbers. You may find this word on top websites like Amazon, Pinterest where they show you several bins on which a number is invoked. With the help of wheelie bin numbers not only you can recognize your bins easily but also you can make them attractive. If you are tired of the situation when your bins get mixed with your neighbor’s bins then you should try these wheelie bin numbers. Contact us if you want Bin numbers.

  • Why choose K smart sign?

    K smart sign is one of the top sign fabrication companies in the UK. We have a variety of signage for your house, business, bins, and special rooms. Not only this, we can offer you the house signs as per your personal choices. So, if you want a lavish, attractive and creative or an all in one sign that represents you and also reminds the people about you then K Smart Sign is the best choice for you.

    We have a vast collection of classic, contemporary, modern, traditional, stylish, professional, and business signage. We always commit to deliver a perfect product with an assured guarantee. To deliver the best product for you, we always use quality material, our materials include - Aluminum, Acrylic and 304 stainless steel. Each product is made with the latest technology and is weatherproofed for the house. K Smart Sign design the signage in such a way that even after many years you will find them as stylish as they are now.

    • Fastest Delivery
    • Guaranteed Service
    • K smart sign is serving the customer from years

    What are you waiting for? Start ordering house or business signs for your house and your business. Explore the varieties through different pages on this website.

  • Shop by Type

    We are offering various choices, so you have the flexibility to shop by type. Broadly, you can select house signs in many ways - by shape, color, texture, orientation, and sizes. Have a look at the brief of this that we offer.

  • Shop by shape

    Shapes like rectangular, circular, square or in numbers shape. All are available at K smart signs. In circular shape signs, only the house number and the name of street, or house name are written. In the rectangular and square shape you can select a size and then we will add the desired text and number for you. The most trendy ones are numbers, just floating numbers are available that will represent your house.

  • Shop by size

    At K smart signs we offer 4 different sizes that are small, medium, large and extra-large. Whatever you want we can provide it. Also, it depends on the shape and the house where you will attach it. In a smaller size, the available fonts are smaller, while in the extra-large signs the fonts are visible from a distance. The choice is yours.

  • Shop by color

    Black, Gold, Grey, Silver, White, and Sand are some of the preferred and common choices of our customers. If you want any other color we will try our best to provide it for you as soon as possible. As colors are something that will attract people.

    Along with this, we offer you a variety of textures and orientations that you can select from our website.

    You can explore some of the below house signs to select the best one for you - Almost all shows a number and that represents as a frontage sign, check out how all vary -

    1. House Name and Number
    2. Letters instead of using numbers like (SEVEN, EIGHT, etc.)
    3. Street and number
    4. Acrylic House Signs
    5. Aluminum House Signs (popular material and the most trendy in our offerings)
    6. Plastic Signs
    7. Contour Cut (Signs in cut out letters or numbers to place it on a wall or door)

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