Sign Components

House signs have been since ancient times to personalize the place of residence. From our 6000 sq ft workshop in Lancashire, UK, we make almost all kinds of house signs and their components. We have three main components, namely, acrylic fronts, backplates, sign standoffs.

Acrylic Fronts

Acrylic, when heated to 100 degrees Celsius can be molded to a number of shapes such as sheets, bottles, tubes, picture frames, etc. It can easily be shaped for dentures. Chemically, it is a polymer plastic called polymethyl methacrylate PMMA. It acts as a substitute of glass which is almost fifty percent less heavy than glass and can be handled easily. There are two disadvantages of acrylic

  1. It is costlier than glass

  2. If exposed to direct flame it will melt and burn eventually.

Backplates can be used in conjunction with the door knobs to give a decorative effect.
We manufacture different types of backplates such as knob backplates, pull backplates, etc.
Backplates act as a savior to cover the previous screw holes or.damage when replacing an existing knob or pulls. 

Sign standoffs
We also manufacture quality sign standoffs and sign fixings for quality displays and advertising panels. Available in satin, stainless steel, chrome, acrylic, aluminum, we produce in bulk. The sizes could vary depending on the needs such as 1"×1" or ¾"×1".

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing house components. We have been in this specialization for 12 years and feel elated that by the time customers had built great trust in us. While placing an order online with us, we just have three simple step process to put your demand in action. Once, you place the order our team starts working rigorously to deliver the end result as soon as possible. Our inventory is well managed that we never run out of stock and our team completes the work in less time than expected. 

Not just the house signs and components, we also make business, education, and hotel sites. We have a variety of filters to make your shopping experience friendly and an amazing one.  You can filter by price, font color, range name sign size, sign type, background color, inset color, font, fixing color, decorative emblem, etc. With these many filters, you can get your choice of house sign.

Why us?

We have been in this industry for a long time and since then we have always been experimenting to make our house signs different and best in quality from others. We have never compromised with the quality even if we have bulk orders. Here are our two basic features that have made us leaders in this industry.

Global Delivery

All our local sales come with free royal mail 1st class delivery and are dedicated to delivering the order the very next day. We understand the value for your money and emotions attached with the house signs, therefore, our own van takes your delivery to the royal mail and keep it safe till the time it got delivered. 

Customer Service 

A business will never profit if its customers are not happy with their product and services. We at KSmart Signs are more inclined towards serving our customers in the best possible way than only making business. Our entire team members customer service is available 27*7 to help you out with any queries regarding your order. 

With our best services and customer satisfaction, we have been able to accomplish our goals and strive to become better and better.