What comes with Your House Plaque?

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We've created this post to show you what comes with your house plaque, and help you with your house plaque installation. Make sure you have all of these components before starting house plaque installation!


1.Front Plate of your house plaque

All our house plaques come with a front plate. In the case of Bellissima, Exalted, and Luxe, they have just 1 plate. However, in Luxe and Bellissima, you can customise the colour of the writing, as the back plate is already built in.


2. Back plate of your house plaque

All of our other signs are 2 piece and also come with a back plate. We currently have the below choice of back plates on our site:

  • Silver Mirror
  • Gold Mirror
  • Rose Gold Mirror
  • Copper Mirror
  • Black Marble
  • White Marble
  • Gloss Black
  • Brushed Silver


3. Steel stand-offs or female plastic cups (x 2 or 4)

All our signs come with steel-stand offs (for 2 piece signs) or female plastic cups (for 1 piece signs), and come with 2 or 4 depending on the sign size.


4. Wall Screws (x2 or 4)

The signs also come with wall screws to aid easy installation, that are screwed in together with the plastic cups/stand offs.


5. Wall Plugs

The wall plugs are inserted immediately after the initial holes are drilled into the wall to aid easy installation, so take care not to damage them when installing.


6. Handy instructions and template

Our signs come with full instructions to help installation as well as a handy template you can place on the wall to align with where you want your sign to go, and drill your holes directly through the template. 


Here at K Smart Sign we have thought of everything to aid easy installation of your house plaques!


See this post in video format: 



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