Fitting Instructions - A step by step guide

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Discover the Ideal Placement for Your Sign: Elevate Your Home's Appeal

Welcome to the K Smart Sign Ltd fitting guide, crafted to assist you in finding the perfect location for your house sign, door sign, or bin number sticker. Proper positioning ensures not only visibility but also adds a touch of style to your property. Here are some pointers to consider:

  1. House Signs and Door Numbers: Install your house sign or door number plaque at a height that's easily readable from the street. Illuminate it adequately during both day and night. Select a position that complements your property's architecture and avoids blending into the background.

  2. Personalised Signage: With our range of customised signs, you have the creative freedom to display any text you desire. Position these signs near your entrance, garden, or mailbox. Ensure the chosen font and size are legible from a distance.

  3. Recycling Labels: Affix recycling labels close to your bins or containers. These stickers not only make your bins stand out but also facilitate efficient organisation of your recycling efforts.

  4. Spare Components: If you've obtained spare components such as front sections, fitting kits, or backplates, utilise them to replace worn-out parts on your existing signs. This guarantees your signs remain in top condition for years to come.

  5. Bin Number Stickers: When placing bin number stickers, ensure they are clearly visible on your bins or containers. Attach them where they can be easily spotted by waste collectors and delivery personnel.

  6. Home Decor: Our signs are not merely functional; they also contribute to your home's aesthetics. Consider situating decorative signs in prominent locations like your front porch, entrance, or garden. These signs can become stylish focal points.

  7. Secure Payment: For secure payment and a protected transaction, use a trusted payment method during the checkout process. This ensures a smooth and safe purchasing experience.

  8. Shipping and Delivery: Enjoy the convenience of free next-day Royal Mail tracked delivery, ensuring your sign reaches you promptly. For international orders, our 3-5 day Royal Mail International Tracked Service guarantees reliable delivery.

  9. YouTube Channel: Stay informed and inspired by visiting our YouTube channel. We offer informative videos on our products, installation tips, and more.

  10. Blog Platform: Explore our blog for insightful articles on various topics, including house sign trends, DIY tips, and home decor ideas. Gain valuable insights into creating a truly exceptional living space.



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