Our Materials

Our Materials set us apart from the crowd to be the Number 1 property sign manufacturer! With over 40,000 sales

All our acrylic used is the genuine brand of Perspex and NOT cheap transparent acrylic, the cheap brands of acrylic overtime will whiten and discolour due to the UV sunlight rays. Perspex is colour Guaranteed for 10 years. All our acrylic is Laser cut to exact size.

Our prestige twin layered signs use galvanised plastic coated steel with a wash coat backing as the backplates. In real talk this means that the backplates will NOT rust and come in a host of vibrant colours. Other sellers use sandwiched Dibond board whose finishes look unfinished from side viewing...

All our signs use Avery Dennison Vinyl which is the most expensive vinyl money can buy, we use Avery because its precision during manufacture is exquisite so all our delicate fonts look great on the sign. Avery Vinyl will NOT discolour, distort or peel for upto 11 years, even on sea front dwellings. We apply vinyl to the front of the signs on our Elite Ranges, However on the Prestige ranges we apply the vinyl on the backside of the front perspex. Other sign manufactures who only offer a small selection of easy readable fonts WILL use cheap vinyl.

Standoffs / Wall Fixings:
Our prestige fixings are designed in house as our fixings will only fit our laser cut perspex design. Our Prestige standoffs are made from Aluminium and than Hard Anodised / chrome plated for a superior finish. We have salt tested for hundreds of hours and can confirm they will not deteriorate even in the harshest of conditions. Other sellers use Stainless steel that will oxidise / rust with a series of dots and streak the sign.

Our Elite fixings use Nylon spacers that will NEVER deteriorate, the front solid colour caps are plastic injection manufactured and will hold their colour forever. The chrome caps are electroplated and will hold their chrome for up to 6 years.
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